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MultiScreen is a utility designed to make multiple monitor computing even easier.
MultiScreen Software will only work with Samsung Monitors. If you are using your Samsung Monitor as an extended or secondary Monitor and you disconnect it from the source, the MultiScreen software will no longer function. You can use MultiScreen software again by reattaching the Samsung Monitor.

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    Guest 6 months ago

    Just follow the instructions on the link to the Samsung support above, it's unbelievable easy to use. But I agree, this search was my last try before uninstalling MultiScreen.

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    Guest 8 months ago

    I bought a new Samsung monitor with the MultiScreen software in a disc but it does not work and there're no instructions in the disc. So disappointed.

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    Guest Last year

    This software is hopeless - there are no instructions on how to set it up and the video tutorial is meaningless - a joke!! I have been through all the possible permutations with the software - the grids flash up onto the screen for less than a second and disappear and yes I am using a brand new Samsung monitor - which I am returning.

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